The Fable Art Lab. Creating landscapes and characters.

Art Lab Activity: 

Turn your Class in a Fable Tale 

Work of Art

 The Fable Art Lab is 
and fun :)

Create a fable of your own! For 7 to 9 years old students.
In this activity led by Beatriz Rodríguez-Rabadan, we work on a A4 sheet to invent characters (the frog and the sheep) and see where the story takes us. 

We create contemporary art. We use colors and find the landscapes. We reach our emotions in this process too. We work with shapes though collage textures which help us to express our inner creative lenguage.

The Fable Tale will be the result of every class Work of Art. 

A little exhibition of each one will be showed in the Primary Library very soon. 

Thank you girls for
 your enthusiasm!


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